COVID-19 Opened Pandora’s Box of Opportunity: an observation

In 2015 we were supposed to have flying cars, hover boots, auto-laces, and multi-screen communication, according to Back to the Future. We are now in the year 2020 and kicked off the year with massive amounts of wildfires and parking lot fight clubs where the prize was the coveted Charmin 2 ply.

Yes, there is no doubt this virus caused heartbreak galore, mine included. It also created an opportunity for those who took advantage of the situation. Even though we were not sure of what happened next, I knew I could count on one thing, the gym to be open. That is until my strength coach at the time told me the doors were closing until further notice.  

THE GYM! CLOSED! The three words I had thought I’d never hear in my life!

Now, online coaching had always been a side hustle of mine, but now the stress was on me to find an alternative, fast. The clients that I had helped lose 20 lbs.+ and gain all this strength from barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells now had none of those resources. What was I to do? Well, adapt. The best ones do, adapt to the cards you are given every day.  

But that was an entirely different obstacle I had to deal with from my clients, buying into this idea that they didn’t need weights. Truth be told, because this blog emphasizes authenticity, they really did not need the weights, and to argue further, a lot of people didn’t need the weights. I’m a firm believer in learning to walk before you run, and for a lot of people, they needed to learn to crawl before they walked!

This gave me the idea of emphasizing movements in my home workouts I created for my online coaching business (shameless plug it’s what I’ve been using to drop 20 lbs and counting). You’d be surprised how many people think because they can sit on a chair, they should have a bar on their back. In my opinion, that’s a no no. Grab a dumbbell about half the weight of your body and try to get 25 reps, a lot of people can’t do it.

I can speak more about my online business and how I choose to write workouts on another post. Essentially, my observation is that me, my clients, and thousands of Americans were forced to go from gyms and mindless exercise to creativity and direction through technology.

Because of this breakthrough, many trainers are starting to figure out what being an online coach actually means. For some, it involves zoom calls so that way they do not lose as much money per session. For trainers like me that love to write workouts, we chose to only charge for the workouts. My particular program is 4 workouts a week for the month for only $15.

For a business, if you can create buy-in and value in tough times, they don’t become as tough. I believe COVID-19 allowed a lot of businesses to think outside the box and create more value for themselves by tapping into the online coaching space. In a sense, it was the sort of mother bird pushing baby bird out of the next. Some will fly, and some will try to learn faster to fly.

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