Let’s Talk Whole 30:My Mid-Month Check-in

If you’re someone who has tried dieting I’m sure you have heard terms like Keto, Paleo, Pescatarian, Vegan, Carnivore, and of course Whole 30. I bet you’ve also heard those complicated-sounding terms like your basal metabolic rate, caloric deficit, body mass index, metabolic efficiency, thermogenesis, and everyone’s favorite word “ketosis”. With words like these even I had a headache when I started to lose weight. What was important to know? What wasn’t it? What’s just bulls&%$#?! Before we go down the rabbit hole I want to say that even though I have a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, my knowledge is not as great as a fully licensed and practicing nutritionist. I know the basics and I know what has been working well for me but that does not mean it will or will not work for you. With all that said, let’s get into it!

My friend Patrick, who had done Keto himself to shed some body fat told me about this new diet he was on called “Whole 30”. Now, me living under a rock at the time I had no idea what that meant. All I knew was that it had the word diet so I automatically dismissed the idea. I hate diets. They’re so restricting and for what? I get it some people do need to lose weight fast because of health scares but for most people, if you want to lose weight I think all you have to do is just eat less (caloric deficit).

Patrick would go on to talk about how this one is different because it’s more or less a reset for your body. Yes, a reset. He explained all the foods you can’t have and after hearing the list I thought it would’ve been easier to tell me what you COULD eat!

Essentially lean meats and some vegetables (when in actuality that’s what everyone should be eating anyway but I digress). I liked the idea of avoiding certain groups of food for not only fixing your relationship with food, but seeing how your body reacts to certain changes. For me, I knew dairy got me a little bloated after switching my regular whey protein (which contains dairy) to a vegan protein. I lost a little weight from doing this so I was curious, what was holding me back? Oh by the way Patrick? The guy who told me about that I gave shit to? Yeah, he lost 30 lbs by just doint this Whole 30.

This is only the mid-month check in meaning there’s still more time to go but here are some interesting findings that I have found since starting.

I lost weight, like alot

The one thing I feel everyone wants to hear, yes you can lose weight relatively quick. In just the first 10 days I lost about a good 10 lbs. and at day 15, about 4 more for an almost equal 15 lbs. in 15 days. Now am I content with the weight loss? I mean, I sure as hell am not complaining about it. But! It’s not why I started doing it. I wanted to see what would happen if I cut out what makes up at least 70% of the typical American Diet: dairy, grains, and sugar. Losing weight is never a bad thing when you are a bigger guy like I was and since I have no real reason to be bigger I figured I was due for a lifestyle change anyway.

Losing Weight Without Even Knowing? Sign me up!

That was the other surprising thing about this Whole 30 journey so far, I never really felt like I was always starving. I’d eat a normal 3 squares a day and be perfectly fine, I didn’t even track my calories. But, when you’re eating whole foods with lots of nutrients I feel like it’s harder to eat more than you would want to. For me, it was a cool feeling to know I was losing weight without even having to worry about it! Who wouldn’t want more of that right?

Cravings are real! But are they harmful?

Yes, without a doubt the only thing that sucks about this whole thing is the cravings. For me I was never much of a soda guy, I stopped drinking after college, I tried to keep my drive through orders as “Keto” as possible (I wasn’t doing keto I just know I only wanted the meat and cheese, why play games?). In that aspect, I guess I never had as much of cravings to overcome as some may have. My biggest thing that I have been STRUGGLING with is pizza. Holy moly do I miss pizza. I really never ate it that often and even when I did I tried less caloric ones like cauliflower crust or even “keto” pizza just because I think it tastes good either way.

But then I had a remarkable discovery, I really only wanted pizza or sometimes ice cream or cookies because I was not doing so well upstairs. I’m not depressed or anything, but I just felt my life was just “going” and I had nothing to show for it. The typical young person thought to change the world right out of college I know but with all of COVID happening it just felt like things were moving in slow motion. Anyone else relate? That I think was my biggest take away from this experience so far, it’s showing me that I cannot go to food to fill a void.

Whole 30 has been a great experience so far and I will be sharing my own photos and finishing results when I am done in the next 15 days!

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