3 Workouts YOU Can do at Home to BURN SERIOUS CALORIES (no equipment needed)

During COVID-19, a lot of online trainers like myself had to rethink the idea of “Home workouts” for our clients. How can we deliver killer workouts with some or no equipment? For my clients, I am a huge fan of circuit training. Based on a wide variety of studies, it’s the best bang for your buck if you’re willing to put in the work! You can burn hundreds of calories in a mere 20-30 minute workout. WOWZA! Here are some helpful ideas to get you out of your home workout slump.

To show you how easy it is to make killer workouts at home, i’m going to give you some ideas using only jumping jacks, burpees, squats, pushups, and leg-raises. That’s it!

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM)

One of the best ways to give yourself a challenge at home is to try EMOM! This popular method of training has been seen a lot in cross-fit and for good reason, you can get so much work done in such a small amount of time! Basically you pick a rep range of exercises and try to perform those reps as fast as possible while a timer is running, the goal is to get it done in under a minute. Whatever time is left in the minute is your rest time. Yes, that means the faster you work, the longer you rest. But really try to push yourself, don’t just do one rep and call it good.

Here’s a killer 10 Min EMOM:

10 burpees.

Thats it.

Think I’m kidding? Let’s do some math. 10 burpees you can hopefully do under 30 seconds, that means 30 seconds of rest. But 10 minutes of that equates to 100 burpees in 10 minutes! If you’re short on time but need a challenge, EMOM is the way to go!

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP)

AMRAPs are a great way to get a wide variety of exercises in a short amount of time. What I like about AMRAP is that it’s a great way test your conditioning and see how far you’ve come in the weeks following.

Just as the name suggests the goal is to do as many rounds of a workout in a certain amount of time. Let’s try this example

12 Min. AMRAP:

50 Jumping Jacks, 15 squats, 10 pushups, 5 leg raises

At the end of 12 minutes see how many rounds you can squeeze in and don’t worry about rest, you can reset whenever you want during the time, but don’t pause to take a rest. The idea is that as you progress, you’ll need less time to rest.


Perhaps the best workout there is (full biased from me). It is a good workout all things considered. TABATA is about all out effort! Pick an exercise and max out on it for as many reps as you can for a short amount of time, then rest. Here’s an example!

25 second body weighted squats, 30 seconds off for up to 7 minutes.

You’re going to love the burn on this! One of my favorite ways to get some mental toughness too!

Try any of these 3 and you’ll be sure to fire up your at home workouts! In fact, if you did each of these for 10 minutes, there’s your 30 minute workout right there! Have some fun and make it creative! If you have weights great! If not, you’ll see that you don’t need a lot of a killer workout 🙂

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