Home Gym Items YOU Can Get For Under $30 (that are actually worth it)

That last part has to be added because let’s be honest, that shake weight it still in your basement laughing about how it got the best of you. If you’re anything like me, you just like getting new stuff and if it’s for your home gym, all the more reason to buy more right?

The thing that always bursts my bubble is that everything you want for your kick-ass home gym costs money! Sometimes it’s a lot of it! Every now and then I just have this itch to get at least one thing that won’t break the bank.

Here’s a list of some stuff you can buy for under $30 that will actually give you the best bang for buck. I’ve also included where you can buy them but unfortunately, no referral codes. Yet. Anyway let’s get into it!

Furniture Sliders ($5-$10)

You can easily get a pair or two of these bad boys for $10 MAX on Amazon. You are probably thinking to yourself: “SLIDERS?!”. Yup. It’s probably one of the least expensive pieces for conditioning you can get for either your home gym or to throw in your gym bag. Some solid exercises you can do include hamstring curls, mountain climbers, and even add some variety to your lunges and pushups.

Deck of Cards ($5)

If you don’t own a deck of cards you can easily find them at any drug store or gas station. Why are these included? Because it’s a great way to program if you want to get a good workout but want to get away from the usual. Now, how does it work you may ask? Well, it’s up to you!

Whenever I workout with cards I’ll typically assign a movement to a suit, like hearts=squat jumps, spades=pushups, diamonds=burpees, clubs=lunges. Then, I have face cards=something like a sprint, 30 second jumprope, 30 second mountain climbers, etc. and lastly Jokers can be dealer’s choice like maybe 1 min. plank hold or wall sits.

Next? Just go. Flip over one card after the other and see how you do!

Just a standard deck of cards goes a long way!

Pull up Bands or Resistance Bands ($6-$30)

Bands are a pretty universal piece of equipment that have a ton of applications from simple resistance workouts you can do at home with no equipment to helping with pull ups to even applying more resistance on workouts you do in the gym like squats and bench press. I would opt for purchasing the bands that do not have the handles on them because, in my opinion, that gives you more options.

Of all the items on the list I would say that these are a good buy for anyone because the price range from lightest to heaviest (according to REP Fitness) is only $6-$30. Like I said, they also have a good transition from home gym to actual gym setting.

When it comes to resistance and working out, bands are always a solid buy.

Home Made Pull Up Bar (<$20)

“If you are starting from the ground up and you have nothing, the first thing you need to buy is a pull up bar…”-Jocko Willink (Retired Navy Seal and all around Badass)

It’s simple. It’s Basic. It’s super affordable to make. There are plenty of DIY videos you can watch on youtube to fit your needs. For me, I didn’t want to drill any holes in my basement so I opted for two moving straps and a black pipe that all in all costed me $25. The two straps can each hold about 600lbs so I knew if would be save for me to not only pull myself up on, but something where I can work on accessory work like weighted pull ups. AND! If you bought some resistance bands prior to your pull up bar, you can wrap them around to make pull ups easier if you are having a hard time getting that first one in. Me personally, I like to slap a smaller band on so when I do slow and controlled pull ups I can activate muscles that I need to without having to worry about getting up.

This is actually my own pull up bar I made from two moving straps and a pipe!

Speed Rope ($15)

I prefer a speed rope over a normal jump rope because, well, I like the sound it makes when you go really fast! Rogue.com has some cool ones you can get for around $20 if you are looking for some big name branding in your arsenal, but honestly, I bought mine from amazon 2 years ago and its doing just fine! I like the speed ropes not only for their sound, but the sizing too. With my speed rope I can actually adjust the length in no time with some screws that are hidden in the handle. I know you can just tie knots in a jump rope but that’s not as fun and it actually takes longer if you’re sharing a rope for a workout. My girlfriend is a few inches shorter than me so she likes to jump with a smaller rope than me, unscrewing the length and retightening is a lot faster in scenarios like this.

It’s also just a good piece of conditioning and warm up equipment or it can be it’s own workout! Whenever I travel I actually bring it with me because its so small I can just leave it in my bag without knowing it’s there. A few minutes of skipping is a good way to elevate the heart rate and for only $15 not a bad buy if you’re trying to expand your variety of cardio equipment.

This guy has kicked MY BUTT so many times! One of my favorite buys!

These are just some of the items that I have purchased because like I said, they are easy to buy and have a variety of applications. When I was building my home gym from the ground up, I didn’t have a whole lot of extra cash so to buy versatile stuff like this was awesome! Great workouts that didn’t break the bank!

Now another good piece of equipment to get is a hip circle, especially from Mark Bell’s website. It’s super versatile to use but we are going for things you can use before or during your workouts and the hip circle I have only used before workouts so unfortunatly it did not make the list :(. BUT! That does not mean it’s not worth buying! I cannot tell you how great that band has been to me during pre/rehab.

All in all, I hope this list gives you some faith in knowing you don’t have to break the bank to build up your home gym!

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