The Psychology of Gym Attire

Possibly the best way to explain investing in high end looking stuff to influencers

The most simplified way to explain the psychology of work out clothes to people.


and if you want to be sponsored by brands…


Why Do you like what you like?

I’m not a marketing person by any stretch of the imagination, but I am fascinated with human behavior. Color’s actually influence a lot of the ways that we view products and if you take a step back and look, a lot of brands are moving in that direction.

One of the big things you’ll see in a lot of brands is neutral colors: grey, black, white, etc. That’s because they symbolize things that you would want to feel in fitness: power, strength, wisdom, intelligence, starting fresh, and probably important for a lot of brands, timeless. Brands are starting to use colors like these to help trigger a reaction of desire in wanting to feel like those adjectives.

Also, I just feel minimalism is starting to become synonymous with modern so it’s for sure something that will be a consistent trend.

Why are workout clothes so expensive?!

The thing I always tell myself about brands that I purchase is that it’s an investment. It really is. For someone like me that is trying to push more content I wouldn’t say there’s an image I have to maintain, but I do like to feel more confident when I post. When I’m confident, I find my presentation is better.

For me, I love wearing Lulu Lemon because of the confidence I get. It’s completely a psychological reason. The materials are really in a category of their own. Sure you can find clothes that are designed like them, but they will never BE THEM. Whenever I wear their stuff I feel like I can work out with confidence, I can present with authority, and I can crush any interview I come across (they make some really good business casual clothes for men).

Some other things I like about Lulu is their awesome warranty on their products: for life. If they can’t fix it in store, they’ll replace that. How cool is that?! I’m not even being paid by them but the product they make is so good it really does speak for itself if you ever own a piece.

Because of thier great design, premium materials, and fantastic return policy, I choose to invest in some pieces from lulu because I’ll pretty much have them for life!

Supporting Small Businesses and Feeling Apart of Something Special

Don’t get me wrong, I do have some lulu lemon but like I said, it is an investment and sometimes I can’t afford THAT kind of investment!

What’s great about workout attire is that it really does feel like a uniform, in a good way. If you ever played a sport, that new uniform feeling gives you the highest confidence ever!


Basic psychology on uniforms share that when you wear a uniform, you are in a sense, pledging allegiance to the ecosystem they are trying to create. So if you are a big time Kansas City Chiefs fan (ie a bandwagoner haha) you will more than likely buy something with the logo on it. Why? Because you want to support the team and show your pride of being apart of their fan base.

The same really applies for gym clothes.

Like I mentioned before, some brands are trying to capture that higher end, premium feel to their brand so that way the demographic they are appealing to will feel like they are those exact terms.

Well what’s great about small businesses is that they can really push whatever message they want to put out to the world. With bigger brands they need to stay neutral for the sake of pleasing everyone, small businesses don’t.

Brands like HVIII (pronounced “Hate”) Brand Goods can push their message of tenacity and adventure and create a more loyal following because whoever buys from them are probably fans of the message they try to send.

When you buy from smaller businesses like HVIII Brand Goods, Caffeine and Kilos, Donuts and Deadlifts, it gives the customer the feeling of being apart of a message bigger than themselves.

Originality and Style!

The last thing I will say about gym clothes is the originality it offers to people. Which individual are you? Are you the gym bro with a shirt that shows more skin than actual cloth? Are you the “baddie” that has to wear the matching bra with leggings? Or are you the savage that wears short fitting shorts on squat day cause you know that leg pump is gonna be REAL?!

Different brands and companies give people the freedom to express themselves while working out. For a lot of people, like myself, it makes me feel more elite I guess. That I am appearing in this particular way because I know I am going to crush my workout. But on days where I just throw something on, there feels like a missing link.

I will say this too.

I don’t care what my hair situation looks like, I will always wear a hat or headband to workout in. That’s my staple. I will not lift a barbell, swing a kettlebell, or run a mile without something covering my head.

For me, headbands are the one thing I can never leave for the gym without!

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