About Me

Hey! My names Joe, but since I’ve started coaching, Coach Joe seems to be more fitting. I’m from the Mile High state of Colorado! I love outdoor adventures, quality time with people, and of course working out! In fact, I love working out so much I got a degree in it! That’s what Kinesiology is really, the study of movements in exercise. I am a huge nerd when it comes to exercise science (reason I got a degree in it). I love that there are many tools for the tool belt and that not all workouts are created equal, just like not all athletes are created equal. But they can be developed! And that’s what I love about being a coach, the development. Whether it be a Division 1 bound athlete or a mom trying to lose 20 lbs, both journies are ones I was proud of being apart of, along with many more!

I started this blog with the intentions of creating honest and helpful “one stop” information for all those working out or want to switch things up in their own health. Most health pages are written by writers and not people who have actually studied the field or bettter yet, have gone through transformations first hand. Even more so, their works are based around “click bait”.

This blog serves as a guide with transparent, non-biased information so that you can make the best decision when it comes to exercise.

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