My Whole 30 Results/What Now?

I wanted to start by explaining the part that made Whole 30 worth it. If you just want to see the results scroll to the bottom. If you want to hear some impactful shit that’s probably more helpful then just losing weight, then keep on reading. I Dealt With My Cravings If you read myContinue reading “My Whole 30 Results/What Now?”

No You Can’t Get Fat From A Donut: A Beginner’s Guide To Eating With Purpose

Let me start off by saying that I am not a nutritionist. However, there are basic nutrition and fundamentals I follow. Unless you are training for a sport or competition, you really do not need to know a whole lot about nutrition. Just know how to eat with purpose. Boom. That’s it. If you wantContinue reading “No You Can’t Get Fat From A Donut: A Beginner’s Guide To Eating With Purpose”

Let’s Talk Whole 30:My Mid-Month Check-in

If you’re someone who has tried dieting I’m sure you have heard terms like Keto, Paleo, Pescatarian, Vegan, Carnivore, and of course Whole 30. I bet you’ve also heard those complicated-sounding terms like your basal metabolic rate, caloric deficit, body mass index, metabolic efficiency, thermogenesis, and everyone’s favorite word “ketosis”. With words like these evenContinue reading “Let’s Talk Whole 30:My Mid-Month Check-in”