3 Reasons to Document Your Workouts

1. Know what you did/are doing Documenting your workouts can do a lot for your fitness journey and can give you a sense of organization. When you start going to the gym, having a plan is CRUCIAL to your progress. Every great achievement is accomplished with a plan so when you know what you areContinue reading “3 Reasons to Document Your Workouts”

3 Workouts YOU Can do at Home to BURN SERIOUS CALORIES (no equipment needed)

During COVID-19, a lot of online trainers like myself had to rethink the idea of “Home workouts” for our clients. How can we deliver killer workouts with some or no equipment? For my clients, I am a huge fan of circuit training. Based on a wide variety of studies, it’s the best bang for yourContinue reading “3 Workouts YOU Can do at Home to BURN SERIOUS CALORIES (no equipment needed)”

Interval Training: What EXACTLY is it?

A basic definition of interval training is a method of exercise in which the individual exercises in multiple bouts of higher intensive activity for a brief period of time before rest. However, I feel that because of influencers and social media “coaches” the term has been bastardized into nothing more than a mere “run forContinue reading “Interval Training: What EXACTLY is it?”

Glute Training 101: Peach Season Year-around

“Intensity builds density”-Gym Bros, year? probably since the dawn of time Let me start off by saying there’s a lot of layers that need to be peeled back when talking about just muscle growth alone. But, I will give a brief amount of information. Just enough for you to read, apply and ya know getContinue reading “Glute Training 101: Peach Season Year-around”